Monday, July 16, 2012

K + Super Glue = Disaster.

Yes, you read that right.

K (3 yrs) has a stroller for her baby dolls, that she likes to drag all over the apartment and crash into walls. Which in turn caused two pieces of the stroller to break off about a month ago. Ever since then, she has been asking me to fix her stroller. I finally remembered to pick up some super glue while I was at Walmart last week and decided to tackle the task when I got home. I opened the package for the super glue, popped the seal, put the lid on it and set in on the dresser. I walked into her bedroom, grabbed her stroller, and came back to my room to get the glue. The glue was no longer on my dresser. K, being the rambunctious, wild, no-waiting, no-patience having child that she is couldn't wait to get the stroller fixed. She took it upon her self to grab the glue, climb onto my bed, and squeeze the tube so hard that the lid popped off. Glue squirted everywhere... all over my comforter, her hands, and her legs. As you can imagine, I spent the next hour trying to get her fingers un-super glued.

This is the cap that popped off the tube and got glued to K's leg. The curly white strip is a long strip of glue that I had to peel off of her leg.

She was terrified and bawling through the whole process. Partly because it was painful but mostly because G (6 yrs) was in the other room yelling... "K your hands will be stuck like that forever! Super glue doesn't come off!"  Poor girl. She believed him.

It was traumatizing for all of us.

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