Tuesday, April 17, 2012

32 Week Check Up

I am 32 weeks as of yesterday!! Went for my normal bi-weekly OB appointment yesterday morning at 9:30am, didn't make it home until 2pm. Long story short, my blood pressure was high when I got there, and when doctor checked me she noticed I was 1 cm dilated. They did some kind of test to find out if I'm at risk of pre term labor (going into labor in the next 2 weeks) then sent me over to L&D to get monitored and wait for test results.

Once I got to L&D and got hooked up to all the monitors (baby's heart rate, my heart rate, baby's movement, contractions... I was just a big mess of cords) my blood pressure went back down to normal. I had Kenna with me during all of this and she was climbing all over the bed, getting tangled in the cords, demanding I put Dora the explorer on for her "this instant!" No wonder my blood pressure was high....

Joe came from work to get her and took her to get some lunch and then they went home. My test results came back good and clear. I'm not at risk for pre term labor, no more protein in my urine, no contractions, and my blood pressure was normal so they sent me home! I haven't had any more contractions since last Friday night (hoping it'll stay this way for a while!).

G is home sick from school today, poor kid was up all night long with a horrible cough. His eyes were practically swollen shut this morning. I'm pretty sure its allergies (no fever or complaints of ear aches) so I'm giving him an antibiotic and trying to get him well before his lego themed birthday party this weekend!!!!

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