Monday, September 24, 2012


Our sweet baby Jax passed away this morning. He had been pretty sick for the past few days; vomiting, not eating/drinking etc. We took him to the vet yesterday and they did a parvo test on him which came back negative. The vet wanted to hospitalize him because he was very dehydrated but we just don't have the money to hospitalize him. We got an antibiotic, de worming medication, vitamins to rub on his gums, and nausea medicine. He seemed to be doing better last night, he stopped throwing up and was able to keep some pedialyte down so we thought he would continue getting better. But when we woke up this morning, he refused to drink or eat. He wouldn't even swallow pedialyte through a syringe. Then he became lifeless, couldn't stand, walk, or open his mouth on his own. It was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. He eventually just passed away in his sleep. No pain, no suffering, he is in a better place now.

Even though we only had you for a short time, Jax, you made a big impression.
We will miss you dearly, sweet baby. RIP

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Hot dogs and mac n cheese

Tuesday - Eating out!

Wednesday - Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Creamy Chive Sauce, green beans, and Parmesan pasta

Thursday - Healthy Twice Baked Potatoes

Saturday - Date night with hubs!

Sunday - Cheesy Chicken Penne

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Okay, so as most of you know, I am a stay at home mom. So you would think that I have this whole "keeping up with the house" thing down pretty good. Wrong. I suck at keeping this place clean and in order. I usually just wait until it gets overwhelming, then stare at it trying to figure out where I should start. It has become a battle. Until now, that is :)

I came across a weekly housekeeping schedule on pinterest a few weeks ago, printed it out, and stuck it on the fridge with the intention of following it daily to keep my house clean. It didn't really work for me, it was too focused on one room every day, which meant I had to get the vacuum cleaner in and out every day for each room. Too much work. I searched and searched the internet, pinterest, blogs, everywhere for a good schedule I could stick to. I found a few and tried them out but nothing really stuck with me. I finally had an epiphany and decided to make my own cleaning schedule. One that I could stick to, that worked for me.  It's made with my household in mind and is kept to a small amount of cleaning daily so I don't get overwhelmed.

Here it is:

Daily/Morning Chores:
*Wipe down bathroom counter and sink
*Empty dishwasher
*One load of laundry
*Chore of the day

Daily/Nightly Chores:
*Wipe down kitchen counter and sink
*Load dishwasher and run it before bed
*Sweep kitchen floor
*Pickup toys/clothes/shoes from the floor

Weekly Chores:
Monday - Vacuum living & bed rooms, mop kitchen floor, clean rugs
Tuesday - Scrub toilets, tubs, and wipe down mirrors
Wednesday - De-clutter desk, dressers, and island & dust
Thursday - Clip coupons, plan meals for the week, go grocery shopping
Friday - Swing day
Saturday - Catch up day
Sunday - A day of rest with the family

Swing Days:
1st - Wipe down furniture and cabinets, vacuum out couches
2nd - Wipe down appliances, clean out fridge, scrub oven
3rd - Wipe down walls, baseboards, and doors
4th - Spot clean upholstery, carpet and rugs

I love the idea of loading and running the dishwasher at night that way I can empty while the kids are having breakfast in the morning. It takes no time at all. The swing days are an awesome idea, that way I can get things clean that I wouldn't usually think about since they don't need to be cleaned daily or even weekly. Thursday works perfect for coupons and grocery shopping because that's when Albertson's weekly ad and new weekly specials start! I'm psyched to get the ball rolling on this whole cleaning thing and have some order and plan in my life :) I'll letcha know how it turns out!

My cleaning chart is modified from this blog post.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's official, I AM crazy.

Don't ask me what I was thinking, because I'm still not quite sure but... we got a puppy! A little salt & pepper miniature schnauzer, a boy and we named him Jax.

He really is the cutest thing I have seen since Ry was born ;)

However, we had our first mishaps with him this morning. We came home from the grocery store and opened the bathroom door to find a tiny pile of poo that he had stepped in and smeared all over the bathroom floor. It was pretty gross.

As I was unloading groceries from the car, Kenna announced she had to pee but that she wasn't going anywhere near his poo. I came inside and Kenna said "He peed in my room, too! A LOT!" 

No, she peed in her room on the floor. Then tried to blame it on Jax, thinking she would get away with it.

Whew, I have my hands full.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfasts - Banana Crumb Muffins, or Cereal
Sunday Breakfast - Sausage Biscuits, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Fried Hashbrowns

Monday - Spaghetti and Meatballs  with Garlic Bread

Tuesday - Homemade Subway Sandwiches, Pretzels, and Fruit

Wednesday - Out to the Chinese Buffet with our awesome neighbors :)

Thursday - Chicken French, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Broccoli, and Cheesy Biscuits

Friday - Hubby's awesome grilled Sirloin Steaks, Green Beans, Mac n Cheese

Saturday - We're having family game night so we're making our Homemade Alfredo Pizza, Popcorn, and Cotton Candy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bravery = Insanity.

I thought I'd be brave today. Turns out I'm just insane.

The girl's both had well check ups with the doctor and when J said he would try to get out of work to come with me, I told him no, it was fine and I would be able to handle it.

Well I was right about one thing... I did handle it. But really, did I have any other choice? I left the doctor's office with a screaming 2 month old, a whiny, crying 3 year old and a really pissed off 5 year old. Not to mention I was practically in tears myself.

Between the hour of waiting (while trying to keep three kids entertained), the 50 questions from my wonderful Kenna, the screaming match between Gavin and Kenna, the 4 vaccines Ryleigh had to get and the 10 trips to the potty... I didn't even remember the questions I had for the doctor. I did not see how much my 2 month old weighs, nor remember to find out before I left; I was just happy to be getting out of there.

I will never make that trip alone again. Lesson learned: Don't turn down help with 3 kids. Always accept.