Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bravery = Insanity.

I thought I'd be brave today. Turns out I'm just insane.

The girl's both had well check ups with the doctor and when J said he would try to get out of work to come with me, I told him no, it was fine and I would be able to handle it.

Well I was right about one thing... I did handle it. But really, did I have any other choice? I left the doctor's office with a screaming 2 month old, a whiny, crying 3 year old and a really pissed off 5 year old. Not to mention I was practically in tears myself.

Between the hour of waiting (while trying to keep three kids entertained), the 50 questions from my wonderful Kenna, the screaming match between Gavin and Kenna, the 4 vaccines Ryleigh had to get and the 10 trips to the potty... I didn't even remember the questions I had for the doctor. I did not see how much my 2 month old weighs, nor remember to find out before I left; I was just happy to be getting out of there.

I will never make that trip alone again. Lesson learned: Don't turn down help with 3 kids. Always accept.

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