Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The MAN Bouquet

So J found out a few weeks ago he was getting promoted at work :) GO HUBBY! He's been busting his ass for a while trying to move up in the company and it's finally paid off. Although we were so excited about his promotion, it was bittersweet because he was going to have to change stores as well. (The people that work for him where he was were like family to us.) He was sad to be leaving them and they were sad to see him go.

So Saturday (his last day at his store) he came home pretty mopey, with a box of things from his desk, gifts from his co workers and a really sweet card everyone signed for him telling him farewell. Along with his sadness, he was also super nervous about moving stores and having to, in a sense, start over. Don't get me wrong, hubby is great at meeting new people and everyone that meets him loves him because he just has an awesome personality that attracts people. But you know how nerve wracking it can be having to walk into a place and be the newcomer.

Anyway, with the big change, and to congratulate him on his well earned promotion, I decided to put together a little gift. Something unique, that he wouldn't expect, but that would put a big grin on his face. I searched pinterest (my go-to for DIY) and found the perfect thing... a man bouquet!

Here's what J's looked like when it was finished...

(taken with my phone, sorry it's so blurry!)

J loved it! He loves creative, thoughtful gifts like this.

HERE is the link to the original post with the tutorial...

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