Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Was Awesome :)

We started out our Easter morning by having a delicious breakfast quiche I made the night before

Then we were off to church with J's parents, sister, and nephew. They were supossed to have an Easter egg hunt at the church that morning but because the weather was pretty crappy, they didn't have one. They did have some adorable little bunnies we got to pet and play with though and some fun bounce houses for the kids :)

The kids got to play outside after church for a good 30 minutes before it started POURING outside! We rushed to my in laws house and had a yummy lunch, then had an "inside" Easter egg hunt for the kids before we all sat down to relax for a bit. As the weather got worse, we lost electricity in the house and the kids were begging to go outside, so we sent them out!

This is what they looked like after...

All in all, we had a pretty great Easter :)

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