Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tattle Tail

Sitting in the waiting area of the doctor's office yesterday, trying to fill out paper work while my daughter is loudly expressing how the little baby boy next to her will not say hi back to her. I quietly explain to her that he is a baby and he doesn't know how to talk or communicate yet. She brushes it off and moves on to her next subject... The little girl across the room who is giving her mom a hard time and will not behave. I tell Kenna that sometimes kids misbehave and get in trouble, but that she is doing a good job and behaving in the waiting area.

It must have stuck with her pretty good because that's the last we talked about behaving. We picked Gavin up from school that day and he starts talking over her in the car on the way home....


I start laughing so hard, I don't even think to correct her. It was hilarious.

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