Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Snack Mix

Happy early Valentine's Day! G is having a Valentine's day party at school tomorrow and he wanted to bring something for his classmates. (He is a sweetie!) I asked if he wanted to get cupcakes, he said no. I asked about cookies, he said no. I asked about candy, he said no. I said well what should we bring? He said.. How about chex mix? Which gave me an idea... a Valentine's version of chex mix (for kindergartners, of course). So I put together a mixture of strawberry yogurt cheerios, chocolate teddy grahams, valentine m&m's, pink mini marshmallows, white chocolate, and pink sprinkles! ...and VOILA! Valentine's Snack Mix!

I layed all the cheerios out on some foil and drizzled melted white chocolate over them. Then the kids went crazy with pink sprinkles! :)

After we let the chocolate set a little, we threw it all in big bowl and tossed it around to mix it up!


In another bowl, we threw together the pink mini marshmallows, chocolate teddy grahams, and Vday M&M's.

Then I put the mixture into some clear party bags, tied them up and they're ready for G to take to his classmates! I'm very happy with the outcome :)

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