Tuesday, January 10, 2012

T minus 12 days!

That's when we go back to the doctor for our anatomy scan and TO FIND OUT THE SEX! I'm super excited. Although I had my mind made up that I wanted to wait until the birth to find out the gender, I gave in to J's wishes. This is the first pregnancy experience for him and he really wants to know what we're having as soon as possible. He says its so we can plan more and buy gender appropriate clothing, but I think he just can't wait to find out if he's going to have a son or a daughter. Either way, I am stoked! In all honesty, I probably would not have been able to wait the whole 9 months without knowing anyway.

I'm still feeling movement from the baby (very exciting). And my belly is definitely growing. I will have to take a picture soon and post here. I am 18w2d today. G is very excited to find out if he will be having another little sister or a little brother. He of course wants a brother... (and I secretly am hoping for a boy also!)

Well it is time for me to go. I have a new recipe I will be posting tomorrow so keep an eye out :)

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