Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Okay so am I a completely horrible blogger for abandoning my blog for 2.5 weeks? Well in my defense, my laptop crashed and I had no way to blog. Unless I used J's computer which is freakishly slow and annoying so I refrained. Until now. I am having blogging withdrawals and HAVE to tell y'all what I'm making for dinner tonight!

But of course, pregnancy updates first! So after our ER scare, we had a follow up the next Monday and there was no sign of the SCH. Baby was doing good and I haven't bled again since that scary night. Thank God! I'm still not showing, and its making me crazy! This is my third baby! Why am I still not showing? Although, every now and then after I eat, my belly does have a very noticeable pooch. I have taken pictures of this in hopes that it is my baby bump, only to wake up the next morning to... No baby bump. It's becoming routine these days. I have also still not felt any movement from the baby. He/she does like to ball up into what feels like a big knot in my belly. J and I love feeling this at night and in the mornings (that's when it usually happens). I am 15.2 weeks today.

My two babies are doing well. They're stoked for Christmas this year. This is the first Christmas since their dad and I split up so it will be very different for all of us but it will still be a great Christmas for us all. G is loving his Christmas break from school... sleeping in, staying up late, watching tv whenever he wants, and arguing with his sister most of the time. And K is enjoying every second of having bubby home so she can pester him whenever she wants.

So now that you've been updated on everyone, I promise to update regularly from this point forward :)

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