Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trip to the ER

After going pee last night, I noticed I was bleeding bright red blood. It wasn't a lot, but it was more then just spotting. I completely freaked out the second I noticed it. I have had two completely normal and healthy pregnancies, with not even a drop of spotting at all, so this was quite a shock. I tried to call the dr but needed to leave a message and wait for them to call me back so I just hung up and rushed to the ER. Once arriving there, we were stuck in the waiting room for a good 20 minutes. I got up to go to the bathroom a couple of times during that wait and noticed I was now passing blood clots and gushing blood every time I sat on the toilet. My heart sank, I just knew we were losing the baby. I have never experienced anything like this before and did not know what to think. We finally got into a room and saw the dr. He did a pelvic exam and said he was "getting rid of these clots" which made me worry more, to know there were more blood clots in there. After blood work, a urine sample, and a completely uncomfortable pelvic exam I went for the sono. The tech did not say anything right away, just kept clicking buttons and measuring. I said "is there a heartbeat?" She replied "Yes, baby is moving all around in there" and showed me the screen. I could see the little arms and legs fluttering like crazy. It made me so happy to hear the baby was alive and well. I went back to the ER room and shared the good news with Joe. Then couldn't help but wonder "if the baby is fine, why am I bleeding and clotting? Something is not right." After another hour of waiting, the dr came back in with my diagnosis: Subchorionic Hemorrhage. It is basically a blood clot in my uterus, right outside the baby's sac. The dr at the ER was not very informative. Basically he just told me to follow up with my OB on Monday and see what she says. So that is what I'm doing. Impatiently waiting for Monday morning and trying not to worry too much (although that is a great challenge). At this point, we are just praying for a healthy baby...

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