Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heard the heartbeat!

Well I had my first OB appointment on Monday. I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of disappointing for me. I was really hoping to at least hear the baby's heartbeat at that appointment. I'm back to not feeling nauseous at all or having any vomiting (which is obviously good, for me) but it worries me that maybe I lost the baby or something. I guess reading all those sad stories in my June group about women losing their baby and leaving the group have gotten to my head.

Anyway I ordered a fetal doppler online and got it in the mail about two weeks ago. Joe and I sat down a few times and tried to find a heartbeat. Each time I would end up disappointed because we had no luck hearing any heartbeat but mine. So at the DR on Monday, I mentioned to her that I had not been able to find a heartbeat and she looked at me like I was crazy and said "Well you cant hear the heartbeat until around 12 weeks anyway and even then its hard to find." EVEN THOUGH by their calculations (using my LMP) they were saying I was 12 weeks and 3 days. I told her that was completely off, there was no way I was that far along and I would need an ultrasound to determine my EDD. I did not get to meet the DR at that visit. Apparently she is out of the office on Monday's (another disappointment, considering Joe's only days off work are Sunday and Monday). Then the nurse told me that there are 15 doctors in that practice so someone would always be able to see me. Disappointment #3. I don't want a practice with 15 doctors and have the chance of one of the 14 that I do not know deliver my baby.

Leaving the office, I scheduled my next appointment for Nov 30 to have an ultrasound and meet with my DR. Although, I have already made an appointment with a new OB (in a different practice) I want to try and see if I am more comfortable. This practice only has 4 doctors so that in itself is already more comforting. My appointment with this Dr is tomorrow morning. Crossing my fingers it turns out well :)

ANYWAY, back to my original reason for this post.... I got my doppler out again today (determined to hear a heartbeat). It took about 10 minutes to find it but I finally did! It's lower in my abdomen then I expected it to be and it really takes a lot of concentration to find the right spot. It was a strong 167 bpm! Does that mean its a girl? We will see....

I can NOT wait until Joe gets home from work so we can listen to our baby's heartbeat together :) I'm so excited!

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