Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still Pregnant?

That's what I was asking my self last night. I have not had any morning sickness. My boobs are a little sore but just barely. No food cravings. My exhaustion has gotten better over the last few days. I've realized that if I take my prenatal vitamin in the morning with breakfast, it helps keep my energy levels up throughout the day. My mood swings have also tapered away quite a bit. So last night I found my self wondering if I was even still pregnant. I had one pregnancy test left, and decided to take it. The little EPT plus sign showed up right away and the test line was the darkest I've ever seen so.. Yep, I'm still makin a little baby in there! Guess I'm just extremely lucky this time around :)

My allergies have been so out of whack lately! I get extremely congested during the night and am coughing up gobs of snot every morning. The drainage from the allergies does make my stomach upset in the mornings but it passes quickly.

I have a feeling this baby is a girl... But I had feelings with my first two and was wrong with both of them so we'll see!

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