Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time To Vent

Forgive me, but I just want to take a minute to complain. Thanks.

I am so tired of feeling like a whale. I hate having to roll to get out of the bed instead of just sitting up and hoping out like I used to. I cannot stand getting up to pee every hour in the middle of the night, or the way it feels like I have a UTI if I try to hold it in to get more sleep. Getting myself ready for the day has become a chore and while I very much love looking good for my husband, I just feel like its such a chore these days. Not to mention gaining 20 pounds and having a super swollen face makes it hard to feel like I "look good" anyway. Chasing after my very energetic 2 year old all day almost feels like a 3 hour workout at the gym. Constantly being out of breath and having to sit for a second to catch my breath is quite annoying. My house is a mess because I have enough energy to vacuum or clean the dirty dishes in the sink and then I'm done for and need a major nap or resting period. I feel so useless lately.

Ugh. Is this pregnancy ever going to end?

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